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Pressure Cleaning Prices

We hope the information below will give you some guidelines on the rates you can expect to see. We always offer a no obligation on-site estimate to determine the exact rates. You may also request a more detailed quote by filling out the free quote form below. If your schedule is tight or can't accommodate an on-site visit, you are welcome to send a picture of the area and we can give you a very close estimate almost immediately. And remember, combining services will always give you a discounted rate.

    » Single Car Driveway - $59-$79
    » Double Wide Driveway - $69-$99
    » Front Porch and Walkway - $59-$79
    » Screened Porch (500sq ft)- $79-$99
    » Concrete Sidewalk (25'-50') - $59-$99
    » Wooden Deck (250sq ft) - $79-$119
    » Wooden/Plastic Fencing (25') - $99-$129
    Prices include detergent pretreatments and algaecide if needed. Extreme conditions may require additional services/fees.

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